From 1981-2014 the Yamaha PW50 has been the most popular motorcycle ever manufactured.In the early 1980's it was named the Yamaha YZinger then later the PW50 name was given. For 30 years this little 50cc automatic 2-stroke dirt bike has been virtually unchanged and most all parts on all years are interchangeable.

PW50's are very durable dirt bikes. They will last almost forever, being bought and sold or passed down through the family over the years. If you got your hands on a used one you may need to replace and update a few parts to freshen it up or it may need a full rebuild from time to time. Chances are most money replacing warn out or broken parts is a great investment.

PW50 parts are our speciality, with 20 years in business we have a huge selection of standard OEM style parts and a awesome selection of bolt on high performance parts, developed and designed for the best performance and quality for all beginner to advanced PW50 riders. please click on our below online catalog and check out our products.

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High Performance Parts & Add-Ons
PW50 Suspension Extender Kit

Need some extra height from your PW50? This extender kit equally raises the front and rear end for growing or larger riders. CNC Machined and will add 30mm to the stock ride height. Price: $43.99 On Sale!

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PW50 Screw Conversion Kit
PW50 Screw Conversion Kit

Replace your old screws with this alllen head, Zinc plated, non-corrosive 26 piece screw conversion kit for your PW50.

26 Parts included:

x2 Exhaust mounting bolts (4 washers)
x3 Ignition cover screws
x2 Front fender bolts
x2 Rear fender bolts
x1 Petcock bolt
x3 Clutch cover bolts (long)
x3 Clutch cover bolts (short)
x4 Reed cage/Intake housing bolts (4 washers)



Exhaust Gasket & Rubber Boot Kit


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Big Bore Carb Kit
Dollar for dollar the biggest power gain! This bolt on carb kit increases power all across power curve and its quick and easy to assemble. Stock Yamaha PW50 engine or full modified PW50 with big bore 60cc cylinder, this carb kit would be a huge advantage over stock OEM carburetor. Top End Machine alloy intake manifold and Black Dragon race carburetor are designed and scaled to fit PW50 frame and engine without hanging out or interfering with rider’s leg.
Price: $112.00, Qty:

This kit requires an oil block off plug.

Click Images for Larger View

Click Here for Installation Instructions

19mm carb
best for stock 50cc engines

21mm carb
best for modified 50cc engines

*NEW* CNC 6061 Aluminum Floatbowls

Add a CNC 6061 Aluminum Floatbowl to your big bore carb kit!

Lightweight, durable and anodized (in four colors) it's a perfect finish piece for your PW50.

Price: $25.00


Attack Handlebar Kit

Transform your PW50 with this bolt on PW50 TOP END MACHINE Attack Handlebar Kit. Ride with better handling and control with proper motocross form. Straighter bend and slightly taller and wider than stock OEM handlebars. NIGHT AND DAY difference guaranteed to be the coolest thing you can buy for all year PW50s.

Available in aluminum bar anodized colors available blue, red, silver, green, black, or gold.

Parts included in Kit: Alloy bars, front brake lever, rear brake pedal conversion, throttle assembly, single throttle cable, kill button, cross bar pad, soft grips, and CNC billet machined top triple clamp. 

*An Oil Block off plug is needed to complete kit.

  • CNC billet machined top triple clamp

  • 1/2 waffle super soft grip set

  • Single wire throttle cable

  • Foldable front brake lever

  • Light weight engine kill button

*Must install Black Dragon ignition kit included on 1981-2001.

Handlebar Color

Grip Color

Optional Bling - CNC billet throttle assembly and cable anodized colors available. This is an upgrade to the kit. Choose standard if not wanted.

For the taller rider we have an Attack Handlebar Tall Boy Kit. Options are limited and the handlebar is only available in black. This kit adds 3" to the handlebar height.

Parts included in Kit: Alloy bars, front brake lever, rear brake pedal conversion, throttle assembly, single throttle cable, kill button, cross bar pad, soft grips, and CNC billet machined top triple clamp. *An Oil Block Off Plug is needed to complete kit.

Grip Color
*Must install Black Dragon ignition kit included on 1981-2001.

Optional Bling - CNC billet throttle assembly and cable anodized colors available. This is an upgrade to the kit. Choose standard if not wanted.

Top End Machine Power Plate

Install this special CNC aluminum POWER PLATE under stock 50cc cylinder for a mid range and top end power increase. Your PW50 will rev out much quicker and run more efficient because this plate will allow the exhaust port to properly open at the correct time as the piston goes up and down. This TOP END MACHINE brand PW50 power plate is made in USA from quality CNC 6061-T6 aluminum.

Please note: cylinder milling is needed when fitting this power plate to bike.

Free instructions and & gaskets are included.

Many people do not want to run a 60cc top end kit on their PW50s because it's totally illegal for many racing tracks and clubs in 50cc classes. This new PW50 Power Plate isn't legal to use everywhere some race tracks do allow it because the PW50 retains its stock 49cc displacement.

Click to View/Print Milling Instructions

Price: $52.99

Alternatively, you can order the Power Plate combined with an already milled PW50 Cylinder & Piston Kit.

Price: $139.99


PW50 Single Shock Rear Suspension Kit with Optional Front Forks

The TOP END MACHINE PW50 Single Shock Rear Suspension is a performance upgrade to your PW50. It creates a new performance dimension by providing a whole new suspension feel just like the characteristic of a full size motocross bike.

Available with Front Fork Spacers for $339.99 or Aftermarket Front Forks for $479.99

PW50 Aftermarket Single Shock Suspension Kit, with Front Fork Spacers

Price: $339.99

PW50 Aftermarket Single Shock Suspension Kit, with Aftermarket Front Forks

Price: $479.99

Modified Triple Clamp - $52.99

Specially milled 1mm larger (1 inch inner diameter) bottom front fork triple clamp made for the suspension kit. 

Some people are capable of modifying the stock clamp themselves but in case they do not wish to handle this procedure or wanting to keep the orignal clamp we offer a new clamp ready to bolt up.

Out of Stock

Rear Shock Assembly Instructions Click Here for Printer-Friendly Page

Drill a hole matching the placement in the pictures below. The hole needs to be able to match a 10mm bolt with as little play as possible. Placement isn't completely detrimental, but make sure it's as straight as possible on the horizontal plane, and completely straight on the vertical plane. A second set of eyes may be useful to make it straight.

.375 = 3/8 of an inch   .562 = 9/16 of an inch
MX Front Fender & Number Plate Kit

PW50 MX White Front Fender & Number Plate Kit

Price: $29.99


PW50 Carbon Fiber

All parts are hand crafted from real carbon fiber. Ultra light weight with amazing looking high gloss finish.

*These carbon fiber parts are limited edition and the handmade process is very time consuming, delivery can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Price: $69.99

PW50 Training Wheel Kit
This Made in U.S.A. Training Wheel Kit is specifically designed for the PW50 and offers stability to ensure your child won't fall over; it also can help teach proper balance. The kit is built in the USA from heavy-duty tubular steel construction. As children learn to ride a real dirt bike for the first time, they need to feel safe. Unlike any other kit our training wheel kit is an adjustable wheel ride height, which allows parents to set the wheel height to match the rider's skill level. This allows beginning riders to feel safe or more advanced riders to turn corners sharper with increased speeds. Inflated 4" tires with inner Tubes are mounted on black powder coated steel rims. Adjustable ride height.
$69.99 ::: Qty:

PW50 High Performance Ignition Kit

Price: $136.99

Black Dragon hi performance PW50 ignition kit is designed for maximum power output. The PW50 will feel more responsive right off an idle all the way through the powerband. Featuring a special lightweight flywheel to reduce rotating mass on the engine crankshaft. This allows the engine to reach higher RPM more quickly. The Black Dragon ignition kit also has a higher spark output than the stock PW50 ignition for increased power.

Ideal choice for replacement of failed stock ignition that needs to be replaced or as a high performance accessory part.

Retails for $159.99, Now on sale for $136.99!

*PW50 Stock Ignition Cover bolts on without any mounting issues with new high performance ignition kit.

PW50 Extra Wide Deep Tread MX Rear Tire & Tube Set

For rear wheel only, and for use with upgraded 12hp kit. See comparison between stock PW50 tire (left) and our wider deep tread tire (right)

Price: $45.99

PW50 High Performance Transmission Gear

Yamaha PW50 special transmission gear designed to give PW50s more low end torque. Works awesome for starts & holeshots.

Replace the standard OEM gear with this special heavy duty, USA-made Top End Machine brand transmission gear. Uses the same gear ratio as the QT50 transmissions, but this gear is located inside the clutch cover making it easier to change than the older rear end QT50 gears. CNC Machined from Billet.

*Since this is a bolt on part, you can always go back to stock if you want to.

Retails for $99.99, On Sale for $49.99


PW50 Oil Injector Block Off Plug

One of the best performance upgrades for the PW50 is installing our oil block off plug. Pre-mixing your oil and gasoline will eliminate the standard oil pump assembly. The oil pump is not accurate most of the time, sending either too much or not enough oil into the engine causing big performance loss. Even worse, an oil-deprived engine will result in premature wear or in many cases extreme engine failure. Eliminate the risk and gain performance - install our Oil Block Off Plate.

*We recommend using pre-mix Super unleaded quality gasoline at 40:1 ratio with Maxima brand "Super M" premix oil.

Price: $26.99


PW50 Extra Wide Foot Peg Sets

PW50 Wide Foot Peg Set
Steel casted, best value for the money. Wide, strong and very nice looking.

$34.99 $29.99 ON SALE


PW50 Wide Foot Peg Set
Made in USA, designed to be light weight, strong, and to the right width & scale for kids' boot sizes. Racer's choice when compared to our three different foot peg choices. $69.99


PW50 IMS Brand Wide Foot Peg Set
IMS is a very popular brand in motorcycle industry and the IMS foot peg is a great choice.

$77.99 $65.99 ON SALE


60cc Big Bore Cylinder & Piston Kits

60cc High Performance 44mm Top End Cylinder Kit - High Compression Cylinder head, piston, rings, spark plug, cylinder studs, head & base gasket included.

$129.99 $99.99 ON SALE


60cc High Performance Engine Kit - Includes Cylinder Kit with Oil Level Block-Off Plug, Clutch Gasket, Low Ratio Transmission Gear

$246.99 $226.99 ON SALE


60cc High Performance Engine, Exhaust & Ignition Kit - Cylinder Kit, Oil Block Off Plug, Upgraded Silencer and Performance Ignition Kit Included.

$399.99 $349.99 ON SALE



60cc High Performance 44mm Big Bore Piston Kit. Oversized from Stock OEM size (39mm)

Price: $42.99

60cc High Performance 44mm Big Bore Piston Ring Set

Price: $19.99

Out of Stock

60cc High Performance 44mm Replacement Head & Base Gasket Set

Price: $12.99


PW50 Cylinder Stud Set

Price: $12.99

PW50 High Performance Brakes
EBC Brake Pads   Black Dragon Rear Brake Kit

These performance EBC brand brake shoes are available for both Front and Rear Wheel on Yamaha PW50s.

Price: $15.99


Bolt-on kit replaces rear hand brake lever from handlebar to a rear foot pedal that bolts to the frame. Includes all hardware for conversion.

Click Here to View/Print Installation Instructions

Price: $69.99

On Sale for $49.99

Out of Stock

PW50 High Performance Spark Plug Wires

Available in 5 Colors: Red / Black Cap, Black / Black Cap, Blue / Black Cap, Blue / Yellow Cap, and Yellow / Black Cap.

Price: $33.99

Top End Machine Stage II Exhaust System

Designed and tuned for fully modified or standard PW50 engines. This Top End Machine exhaust pipe and silencer is made from quality stainless steel. Its "must have" item for PW50 's that have installed other performance parts.

*Recommend for use on stock engines after adding other High Performance parts as in Black Dragon Ignition System, Big Bore Carb Kit, Power Plate Cylinder Kit, low ratio transmission gear, etc…" Available Soon for $159.99

PW50 FMF Exhaust Pipe w/ Optional Silencer

FMF made in USA high performance Nickel plated expansion chamber exhaust pipe, available with power core silencer. 

Exhaust Pipe $219.99
Exhaust Pipe w/ Silencer $319.99


High Performance FMF Silencers for Yamaha PW50, Year 1983-2016+

FMF "Turbine Core" Silencer $129.99


FMF "Power Core" Silencer $119.99


Top End Machine High Performance Silencer
Price: $55.99 ON SALE

- 20% Lighter than Stock
- Heavy Duty Construction.
- Increases Performance
- Rebuildable

Gear Oil

MTL 75 Maxima Gear Oil - For all air and water-cooled 2-cycle and 4-cycle transmissions with wet clutch systems. Also, designed and tested for wet clutch systems.
Price: $8.99

Maxima Formula K2 2-Cycle Racing Oil - This is a premix only oil, it is for use on bikes with a oil injector block off plug. Available in two sizes: 16 oz $10.99, 1 Liter $18.99


Maxima Super M High performance Injector 2-Cycle Racing Oil - Super M injector’s smokeless, low ash, anti-scruff formula provides excellent rust and corrosion protection for bikes with oil pumps.
Price: $14.99

Maxima Castor 927 Oil
This is for use on PW50's or PW80's and not intended for use in oil injection systems. When blending with alcohol it normally requires more oil. Care must be exercised when blending with low specific gravity (below 0.730) race gasoline or aviation fuels and in temperatures below 35ºF as separation may occur. Separation may also occur in alcohol containing a high percentage of nitromethane. Check before using.

Castor 927 is a unique blend of highly refined castor oil, a specially prepared synthetic and an additive system that reduces carbon and gum formation and provides excellent rust & corrosion protection. Castor 927 also contains an exclusive additive that keeps power valves cleaner and working properly. For all of us that wish to keep our air and water cleaner, Castor 927 is biodegradable. Castor 927 keeps on lubricating; where other lubricants turn to carbon or vaporize, and provides extra protection on cylinder walls, bearing journals and other critical areas at temperatures much higher than other lubricants. Recommended Premix Ratio 50-80cc (24-32:1)

Available in 2 sizes, 1 Liter (33.8 fl oz) for $19.99 or 1 Pint (16 fl oz) for $10.99


Additional High Performance Parts

PW50 Boyesen Dual Stage Power Reed set

Price: $20.99

PW50 Dual Stage Foam Air Filter

SALE Price: $6.99 Each

PW50 TwinAir Air Filter

Price: $15.99 Each
Qty:, 2018.